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22 août 2014 5 22 /08 /août /2014 21:37

That night, I was in the middle of praying, without really believing that the All-Powerful God in the far-away heavens would hear my prayers. Suddenly I saw a vision, a presence that began to fill the room. I saw it come down slowly from the ceiling; I was scared and wanted to leave the room.

Just when I was about to get up, I felt a hand on my left shoulder. I saw a being behind me, in human form. It was totally white, but it was not an angel. It was just like the being I had seen one day in my body (through my body). Its hand kept me from getting up; it was barely touching me and yet I couldn’t move. The being said to me “Don’t move, God is here, the Lord is here – That is Jesus!–”

I didn’t move. I watched the Presence that slowly continued to move down, filling the room. It took up all the space in the room!

I was no longer afraid of the Presence. I stopped praying and thought of nothing else. The atmosphere was calm, peaceful and serene. I felt good. No thoughts disturbed my mind, and I was relaxed. Suddenly, solitude, strange phenomena, and all the mundane things in life were no longer of any consequence to me. The Presence was there, reassuring and calming. It didn’t speak and yet it was communicating with me. Having swept away all the problems and worries that were troubling my mind, it gave me a wonderful sense of serenity.

I don’t know how long I maintained this state of well-being in company of the Presence, because time no longer existed.

It was as though I was no longer on Earth. A lapse of one minute or ten felt the same.

Then the Presence slowly moved up, toward the ceiling and then toward the sky.

It was like a flying engine that could move vertically and that, in a split second, disappeared into the universe. I got up and wanted to follow the Presence. I wanted to go where it was going. I wanted to leave with it, I wanted to leave Earth to follow it. I no longer wanted to be separated from this Presence. I had to leave with this Presence, and through my mind I asked to be taken far from here.

Then the unbelievable took place. I had a vision of my place in its world, next to the Presence of God. I could find no words to express the extent of my pleasure while I saw God’s kingdom. I was ready to leave! I no longer wanted to stay on Earth! I wanted to turn in my life on Earth, abandon this planet where I felt like a stranger.

For three days that followed the visit of the Presence, my soul bathed in an indescribable euphoria. A few years later I understood why God wanted to mark my spirit with this indelible memory.

(Extract from my biography)

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