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12 février 2015 4 12 /02 /février /2015 18:30

~~In the past, I used to go to the mountains for a stroll. One day, as I was driving on a road I didn't know and which was very winding, I had a narrow escape from an accident. I arrived at a bend which I thought was a hairpin one and I entered it normally. Unfortunately it was a double bend, an S-bend. After the first bend, I saw my car going straight away towards the mountain wall. From inside the vehicle, I could see the front of my car which was charging into the wall. Suddenly, my hands let the steering wheel go and I saw it turn on its own. Then, instead of crashing against the mountain wall, my car went away from it and left the bend. My hands took control of the wheel again and I went on driving normally, thinking I had been lucky. A miracle had just occurred and I wasn't aware of it. It wasn't me who let the wheel go. I mean it wasn't my will power. Someone had forced me to let it go, had turned the steering wheel and had rerouted it. I clearly remember the scene: I was watching the course of the events like a spectator understanding nothing. I just said to myself I had been lucky. It was the only plausible explanation in my opinion then. The normal course of the event should have led to the crashing of my car against the mountain. But the accident could have been avoided. I thought I had been lucky but didn't think much about it. Otherwise how could I have explained that my hands had let the wheel go although my brain hadn't given any order about this action? How could I have explained the fact that my car was going to crash and suddenly at the last moment had been rerouted from its direction? Copyright ©

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