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The Holy Spirit can manifest itself anywhere, in that its goal is to sensitize the human spirit. Even in a place of entertainment.

What I am about to tell you will seem incredible! One Sunday afternoon, I decided to go to the movies for a change. Haven’t you noticed that it is almost always when we go off the beaten path that something happens to us? It is almost always when we do something out of the ordinary that something happens. So this day I went to see the movie Ben Hur. I was calmly watching the movie.

Near the end of the movie, Jesus was judged and condemned. The Roman soldiers took him to the room where he was to be whipped. Just when a Roman soldier began to whip Jesus, a Voice spoke to me. It said, “It is for you that Jesus was whipped.”

I was suddenly no longer simply watching the movie, but it was as though I had gone back in time. As though I was present in this era! I was witnessing the agony Jesus was suffering.

The Roman soldier continued to slash Jesus’ back with his whip. He didn’t stop flagellating him. Each lash of the whip left a deep mark in his skin.

I was so pained to see his back bruised under the lashes of the whip. It was as though these lashes had been meant for me, yet it was Jesus’ body that was receiving them. And this Voice was telling me that it was for me, because of my sins, that Jesus had sacrificed himself.

There I was, one minute seated calmly in a movie theater to see a movie, and the next I was suddenly transported back to the time of Jesus. I became witness to the sufferings of an innocent man who had given his live for me. I was so moved by the sight of his agony. An innocent man, the Son of God, had sacrificed himself for me!

It was unheard of, incredible! Never had I seen such a phenomenon. Yet I should have been used to it, with all these strange happenings. My emotions were so strong as I watched this biblical scene. I had become a living witness to the famous scene where Jesus accepted to suffer to exchange his life in order to win me back before God!

Then the soldiers took Jesus to the place where he was to be crucified. He walked with difficulty, carrying the heavy cross on his back that had been lacerated by the whip lashes. I hadn’t yet been born 2000 years ago, but Jesus had already seen me. It was for me, to save me from God’s anger, that Jesus had accepted to submit to this torture.

Was I hallucinating? Was this truly a vision that the Holy Spirit had allowed me to see? How could I have been taken back to the time of Jesus? In one bound I’d travelled twenty centuries.

I was totally shaken up when I left the movie theater. This vision proves that anything is possible for God. He is the master of time, of centuries that pass, and of life. A thousand years for us is like a day for God.

Read Essay Ch. 53

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