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28 septembre 2013 6 28 /09 /septembre /2013 22:56

I had just undergone an attack of Satan.
I will never forget those terrible moments during which I was no longer myself. They were the scariest moments I have ever lived.
It was the most terrifying battle I fought against the forces of Evil.
I was like an animal paralyzed in front of an enormous snake.

I then had a vision of my spirit sinking down into the darkness. It was like an object that was drifting slowly towards an abyss. I thought to myself that it was all over for me, that the end was near. I could not call God. No words came out of my mouth, I had become mute. I could no longer communicate with the Eternal God. I could no longer call the All-Powerful God to my side!

I felt an enormous suffering before this defeat. It was terrifying! Faced with death, I had a painful feeling of powerlessness. If I could have cried out or yelled I would have! But the Devil had blocked all my psychic and physical faculties. The demonic force dominated my spirit. I saw it sinking towards the gulf, towards death. It didn’t move.

But when my spirit was about to touch bottom, I said to myself that God had not abandoned me.

Hope sprung up again, like a beam of light in the darkness.

The thought that God had never abandoned me revitalized my spirit. I felt it moving toward the surface. I wanted to call to God again to come help me, but my nothing came out of my mouth. I wanted to call the Holy Spirit to rescue me, but I was without a voice.

My spirit desperately tried to come back to the surface. The beam of light could not go out, because my life was in danger. Satan was resolved to kill me, and his power was intensely imposing. My only hope was that God had never abandoned me.

“Can a mother forget the baby at her breast?
And have no compassion on the child she has borne?

Though she may forget, I will not forget you!
See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands”
(Isaiah, Chapter 49, verse 15).

When my spirit was almost at the surface, I felt an energy from deep inside myself. At the very moment my spirit was about to emerge from this profound darkness, my mouth opened and my voice cried out, “Jesus, help me!”

The diabolical power that had paralyzed my physical and intellectual faculties suddenly released its hold and took flight. The very moment I pronounced the name of Jesus, Satan disappeared!

The blood rushed to my fists, and I was able to open my hands. My heart went back to beating its normal rhythm. Then I saw another vision:

“There were three worlds. The first, from above, represented the world above, the world of God. The third world was man’s world – humanity. But in between these two worlds, at the second level, between God and humans, there was the demon’s world. There was a multitude of demons mounting a barricade between God’s world and humanity’s world. Humans could not communicate with God because this swarm of demons kept them from doing so. The demons caused the humans to stray, making them forget God.

Then I saw a path that came down from God’s kingdom and went to the human’s world. It was the only way for humanity to communicate with God, to go near Him. This path was Jesus!”

These were the most terrifying moments I had ever lived until that point. This is one reason why God allowed me to see his Presence. He wanted to leave his perpetual memory in my spirit. He knew that I would be subjected to Satan’s attacks.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me.
(Extract from my biography)

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  • : the miracles of God
  • : This is the story of a man who, despite himself, finds himself between God and the Devil. This is the telling of the battle between Good and Evil, with a human being in the middle
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