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1 octobre 2012 1 01 /10 /octobre /2012 22:50

It happened on a Saturday around two or three in the morning. The streets were empty; most of the city was asleep. I, too, was getting ready to drift off into dreamland. I was unaware that the Devil was watching my sleep. He was waiting for the auspicious moment to attack.

I had gone to bed late that night. I remember having wound the clock and having put it on the carpet, near the open couch-bed, before falling asleep.

So around two o’clock that night, I was about to fall into the arms of Morphius. Without suspecting that the Evil Spirit was going to bother me, I went to sleep.

A strange noise woke me up; something was spinning around my room. I didn’t know what this thing was, it was like a ball of light or a ball of fire. It was turning very quickly around me while emitting a sharp sound. My room was lit up. I saw the clock that I had wound before going to sleep. The ball continued to turn around me, emitting this sharp sound, and then a hand choked me and a voice threatened, “You are powerless against me.”

It was Satan talking to me; he wanted to kill me. We were just beginning our battle. A battle that would last many years.

While the hand continued to choke me, the voice repeated three times the same sentence: “You are powerless against me.” For each intimidation, I answered with a prayer. There was nothing else I could do to defend myself; the diabolical hand held me firmly. I was like a chicken whose throat was about to be cut. Imagine yourself in a deep sleep, in the middle of a great dream. Suddenly you wake with a start and you see a hand squeezing your weenie! Do you understand what I felt?

The third time I prayed, everything suddenly disappeared. I found myself sitting on the couch. I was no longer out of breath. I wasn’t in a cold sweat and my body wasn’t cold. I was peaceful, calm. I thought to myself that I had won my first victory. A victory over whom, what? Perhaps over these phenomena, because from this day on, I never again encountered this type of event. God had taught me how to fight against Satan.

I triumphed too early, as do all those who are inexperienced in this area. Some time later, the Evil Spirit intensified its attacks (see Possession). This night’s event was only a taste of what I would later go through.

This phenomenon prefigured the harassment and demonic aggressions I would undergo in the years to come.

(Extract from my biography)

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  • : the miracles of God
  • : This is the story of a man who, despite himself, finds himself between God and the Devil. This is the telling of the battle between Good and Evil, with a human being in the middle
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