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7 septembre 2015 1 07 /09 /septembre /2015 21:56

On this night, I was awakened by the sound of the wind. When I opened my eyes and heard the wind, I thought that my window was open. I turned my head toward the window to be sure. What was in front of me that night would have made anyone jump out of his skin. I saw a being in my room, standing near the window. It was very tall. It was dressed in white and was looking at me. The wind that had awakened me was the fluttering of its two white wings. I did not feel at all worried when I saw it. The stranger with the white wings did not appear threatening. But even if it seemed kindly, what was it doing in my room? Anyone waking up to see a being in his room with two fluttering wings would surely have panicked, surely would have screamed! But as strange as it may seem, I felt no fear when I saw it. I simply wondered what it was doing in my room, as though I knew it! It stood there without moving or talking, like a bodyguard keeping watch over me. Was it my guardian angel? And why was it suddenly visible? Since I could not talk with it, and knowing that it would do me no harm, I went back to sleep. A few years later, I understand that the arrival of the angel was not without reason. God had sent it to protect me from the Serpent’s bites. Reminder: Although I saw an angel, I wish to specify that I am not devoted to any angel cult, I do not pray to angels. They are messengers of God.

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  • : the miracles of God
  • : This is the story of a man who, despite himself, finds himself between God and the Devil. This is the telling of the battle between Good and Evil, with a human being in the middle
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